Born and raised in Rotorua Bev originally attended a night class  as a weekly break away from her three small sons.
She quickly realised the versatility of clay and became committed to exploring the process of making a piece of pottery.
Together with a few like minded people the Rotorua Potters Group was formed .
This group organised weekend schools, attended conferences  and fed off each other to increase their skills .
Bev taught beginners pottery night classes at Waiariki Polytech.
This has not been a continuous quest, as life just gets in the way at times.
Somewhere along the way Bev remarked to another artist that she used to be a potter, and the artist  replied “My dear, no one ever used to be a potter, you are just a potter resting”.
This has proved to be the case. The passion is still there and with time on her hands the quest continues.
Bev now lives in Whangarei and is Chairperson of the Northland Potters ‘Firebirds’
She sells work at The Bach in Whangarei .