.Label - LUDBROOKE HOUSE fine foods

.The Ludbrook family have lived on the land in Ohaeawai since 1860.  The fertile and well watered farm has been home to 6 generations of Ludbrooks.
Sam & Chris Ludbrook began marketing their eponymous brand of fruit based products in 1993.
Handmade at Ludbrook House;  preserves, jams, jellies and condiments hold the essence of traditional preserving methods while capturing the flavour and aroma of fruit grown in Northland.
At Ludbrook House we harvest from our own orchard figs, quince, lemons, limes, tamarillos, plums, peaches, loquats and herbs.  We gather kiwifruit, oranges, capsicum and grapes from local orchards.
Winning a Cuisine Artisan Award in 2009 for Ludbrook House Dessert Figs and again in 2011 for Ludbrook House Pickled Limes has reinforced our belief in our brand – a brand based on true taste with integrity.

The Ludbrook House garden joined the New Zealand Gardens Trust in 2010 and currently is rated as a registered three star garden.  
Nestled into the garden is the charming ‘Ludbrook House shop’ where visitors are encouraged to taste the products before purchasing .
One of the many delights is to ‘take tea’ under the huge pepper tree while absorbing the wonderful view over the farm and the Taiamai plain.