Multi-media artist
MIMS (made in my shed)

Born in Rochester, England, I was encouraged from an early age to be creative – drawing and painting as well as learning various hand crafts. I attended the Medway College of Art and Design in Kent. I emigrated to New Zealand in 1975, living in Christchurch and then Auckland before moving to Perth (Australia) in 1990 where I stayed for several years.

Returning to NZ in 2004 I settled in Whangarei where I finally had more time to be creative. The purchase of a small wooden “shed” to use as a studio enabled me to experiment and diversify, first with mosaics and then  soft-stone (Hebel) sculpture, glass etching and some metal work.

I am inspired by NZ’s unique beauty and also by traditional Maori art forms. The soft curves of the Koru and the natural colours of the NZ Paua shells I use to accent many of my sculptures mean that while using modern materials – I still borrow from tradition in both form and decoration.

I have exhibited in Garden Discovery Exhibitions held in the Quarry Gardens, Whangarei. My work was voted in the top 10 of the “People’s Choice” in 2010 and I exhibited there again in 2012.