Hans emigrated to New Zealand from Germany in 1973.

In search of the ‘good life’ he moved into an abandoned farm house on the Old Russel Road and soon afterwards built himself a wood lathe and basic woodwork machinery to follow his creative leanings.Over the years, woodturning evolved into furniture making and the humble beginnings out of an old cowshed became a woodwork shop now located at Pataua North.

“Beauty in the natural environment is everywhere. My work often contains natural elements: stone, shells, natural edged timbers, etc. , juxtaposing the touched and the untouched, culture and nature”

“ I see myself as an advocate for  beauty-or one that unveils beauty rather than a creator there of. I love polishing a rough bit of timber, to reveal a stunning grain for everyone to see what lies behind the course exterior. It is very satisfying  to take bits of wood or stone for example; touch them up here and there, assemble the different components in such a way that one sees the fusion of natural elements and the human influence”.

“ I believe we humans have to take stock, and realize/ acknowledge our relationship with Nature. Our very existence/survival is linked to a ‘functional, healthy environment’; we are not apart or separate from it. An independent existence…is a modern illusion that ultimately leads to the rape and pillage of the environment”.

“ At the deepest level I long for an awakening of mankind, a harmonizing of Man and Nature”. That is a tall order. But to make a positive contribution to this end through my work or otherwise is an important aspect of my life.